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Get Access to The 3 Secrets To Gut Health eBook for FREE.

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A Little About Me

A Little About Me

Hey my name is Skye & I healed myself of over 32 years of chronic health problems.

I have had the top portion of my GI tract removed. My health declined for years after these surgeries.

I finally discovered the secrets to health freedom and I am about to share with you my top 3 secrets to my success !!!

I want you to enjoy great health like I do!!!!

Success Stories

Tamara Windsor

Coaching with Skye was a really good experience for me. I did the seven week course which was great and I started to feel a lot better around four weeks. Her support was next level. It was so helpful to have someone who understands the misery and the battle of long term poor health and she encourage me to think that things could be different. Her recipes and raw food were truly amazing and delicious. I learnt so much about mastering the raw food lifestyle and making it work for me. I can not recommend Skye highly enough.

Leanne Hill

My name is Leanne Hill and Skye coached me through the first 12 weeks of my raw vegan healing journey.

Skye was quite literally a gift from above to me, I was a complicated and serious case medically with a “chef diagnoses” of a genetic connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos syndrome (EDS)

I also carried a lot of emotional trauma because of a life time of genetic and chronic illness.

Through the whole of my coaching experience Skye showed me so much understanding, confidence, empathy, care, wisdom, openess, honesty, and an ability that is crucial in effectively communicating with me, which is an ability to show love, and understanding, and call me out when needed, all at the same time!!

Skye taught me to see myself well,

to know, love and care for myself, and to have confidence and trust in my self, and my body.

I continue to learn and practice all of those things in increasing measure because of her!

Through coaching I found the raw vegan diet for myself and my unique needs that has enabled my body to heal from so much, and I continue to heal!!

When Skye started coaching me I had been through so much including massive life saving surgeries, one of which includes a solid spinal fusion from my skull to T10.

I was still very sick though with a growing number of chronic diagnoses and I had to spend the majority of my life resting.

I was in chronic pain, was on a number of medications, and could not so much as chop a cucumber for myself!

3 months into my raw vegan journey I was up standing for hours every day making all the food for my family (which was my biggest dream at that point!)

By that time I was also symptom free of a number of the chronic conditions I was diagnosed with, including Gastropresis, Ulcerative colitis, POTS, and I also was off all medications!!

Now almost 17 months on I remain free of those conditions and I remain completely medication free too!!

I have healed from so many EDS symptoms also and though I have come up against physical challenges acasionally due to the spinal fusion and a few now dwindling EDS symptoms, I typically feel amazing, live a very full and wonderful life and I get to be a healthy wife and mum at last!!

Wanda Daramola

Skye is an excellent Raw Food Coach, because she is caring, patient and always willing to help you where you are at. She is also a very intuitive and honest at the same time. She has the ability to come up with simple recipes that get down to the basics and are simple and easy to put together. I am very thankful that Skye took the time to show me how I can make the simplest of recipes while displaying her masterful creative meals that she so generously shares for free on her website. I'm forever grateful to Skye for taking the time to help me to put together savoury salads and soups. If you want to learn how to make simple and delicious recipes to the fanciest of dishes and receive love and encouragement from someone who really cares for people, I encourage you to work with Skye. She truly is a joy to work with and I'm so thankful that she blessed me with her time and talents.